iMAD research

Brand clarity, Web Design

iMAD Research had an existing logo and website design, but needed some help taking what they already had to the next level. I was able to build their logo out into a full brand identity including a color palette and fonts, and then use that clarity to inform the design of a brand new website. Their brand is now consistent across all platforms and can create a better impact on potential clients. 



Simplified offerings with visual icons for easier navigation and quick, digestable information. 

Prioritized gathering leads at the bottom of every page. Directing those who scroll to take action. Footer offers links for re-direction and continued browsing.

Map isn't needed as there is no business conducted on location. This space can be better used with a CTA (Call to Action). 

Inconstant heading style and font usage in addition to mix-matched color palette.

Long, centered passages of text with no clear heading make content difficult to read. 

Website design


Wordpress with Elementor


MonsterInsights, Essential Addons 


Maintained  by Eunoia Design Co. and Waypoint Studios

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custom blog post graphics

Updated e-book designs

cohesive branding throughout

Much like the website and branding, these e-books already existed prior to our refresh. However, with the establishment of a new brand-guide , the previous design looked out of place. It was clear that it didn't match the newly updated aesthetic throughout the rest of the website. I was able to update the design of these e-books so they matched the new iMAD identity .

Download the panel book

Download the esomar28

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