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My latest design projects

Project heal the land

Branding, Web Design

Project Heal the Land (sometimes shortened to PHTL) is a non-profit with a mission near and dear to my heart: helping conserve our public lands so that we may continue to enjoy the beauty of nature. They came to me looking for a re-brand and a new website design. This was such a fun project to see come together and it's only continued to grow into merch and more. Take a look to see what we created or even get involved with this awesome organization. 

phtl design


brand clarity, Web Design

iMAD Research had an existing logo and website design, but needed some help taking what they already had to the next level. I was able to build their logo out into a full brand identity including a color palette and fonts, and then use that clarity to inform the design of a brand new website. Their brand is now consistent across all platforms and can create a better impact on potential clients. 

Imad design

Rise thrift store

Branding, signage, interior design

Rise Thrift Store is one branch of an amazing non-profit organization based out of Hightstown, NJ. They are dedicated to serving their local community and use the thrift store as a way to raise funds for other programs and events. Together with Christina at  Waypoint Studios, we completely transformed this shop in only two weeks. My particular focus was on branding, signage, and interior design. Check out the incredible results we achieved in such a short amount of time.

rise design