Rise Thrift Store is a part of an incredible New Jersey non-profit that is dedicated to giving back to their local community. Their Thrift Store branch is simply one part of the larger effort and functions as a way to raise funds through the sale of previously loved items. It was an absolute pleasure to work with the Rise family to re-design their brand and bring that aesthetic to life in the brick-and-mortar storefront. While the organization "Rise" had it's own logo, it was time for Rise Thrift to get it's own identity and presence.

Phase one: Updated Branding

Their primary office logo 



Phase Two: Interior + Signage

department sigange

easy navigation

Previously, there were no distinct departments in the thrift store. By introducing new overhead department signage, the store becomes easier to navigate. All signage is easy to see from the front door so that as soon as someone walks in they can quickly make their way to the section they'd like to shop. Making items easier to find was a big goal in the re-design. 

Checkout signage

branded + Informative

From concept to reality

The checkout line presents a great opportunity to educate the captive audience about Rise's mission, plus it gives people waiting a place to rest their eyes. Behind the checkout is a graphic explaining the other branches of Rise's Non-Profit.

decorative panels

form meets function

These panels are attacked to the metal clothing racks using velco, and provided a great opportunity to hide storage bins utilized to restock shelves while creating a mural-like design in the store. This particular wall features an illustration of the town featuring some distinctive buildings, such as the local church with the steeple. In the background is a road map of the town and one of Rise's slogans "When our community is challenge, we rise". 

Promotional signage

Rotating weekly discounts

The remodel has made this place the most exciting place to visit in Hightstown -- and the prices are still low! The only difference is that stuff is easier to find! I loved the store before and they found a way to make it even better!

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