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My name's mackenzie

I'm the owner and designer behind Eunoia Design Co. The quick rundown? I'm 27, live in Arizona, obviously really love design, and I am obsessed with my dog, Callie. I guarantee that if we work together we'll be laughing and chatting while you tell me all about your creative vision - and I genuinely can't wait to hear about it. Until then, if you want to know a bit more about me, grab a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) and scroll down to learn more!





The Mediator




The Helper

i Live off-the-grid and travel full(ish) time

Fun Fact:

Although I've always wanted to own my own design business, a huge motivator to take the leap was the freedom to travel.  Only 2 months after starting my business, I left my 9-5 job, sold 80% of my belongings,  built a sleeping platform in the back of my Jeep, and hit the road. I have a home-base in Arizona right outside the Grand Canyon where I live off-the-grid in between trips (hence the "ish"). I'll be starting a blog to document the journey soon, but in the meantime you can follow my adventures on instagram .

my favorite things:

ice cream flavor:

Mocha Chip

Vehicle I've Owned:

My Jeep!!

state I've traveled  to:


comfort TV SHOW:

Gilmore Girls

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type of CANDY:


these are a few of

the love of my life

Callie May

allow me to introduce you to

the best 
adventure buddy

Callie is a 4-year-old German Shepherd mix. I rescued her when she was only 8-weeks old in North Carolina and she's been by my side ever since. She's my travel partner for every roadtrip, loves to hike everything from mountains to slot canyons, always accompanies me on my runs, snuggles with me while I work on my laptop, and is my best bud. If we meet up via video call she may just make a guest appearance (or bark and try to steal the show... she's cute but she's crazy)

Enough about
me, though... 

Now that you know about me, I want to know more about you! Tell me all about your business goals, what you're passionate about, your favorite colors, the customers you hope to reach, a competitor you worry about, a brand that really inspires you.... I want to hear it all! The first call is always free of charge to see if I'd be the right designer for your specific needs - so what are you waiting for? Shoot me a message and let's get a call scheduled. 

I want to get to know YOU!

let's chat!

I can't wait to meet you!