When you tap into your unique identity as a business, you'll be amazed how easy  it will become to market to your ideal target audience. A genuine voice brings genuine results - let's work together to capture that.

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My name is Mackenzie and I'm the owner and designer behind Eunoia Design Co..  I'm an avid adventure seeker, digital nomad,  a life-long learner, and a huge fan of a well-decorated coffee shop. Not to mention, of course, a full-time graphic designer and marketer.  I've worked on all sides of the marketing equation  - from being a part of a corporate marketing team, to starting my own business as a first-time entrepreneur, to shopping as a consumer.  As a result, I know just how frustrating it can be when the messaging just isn't quite right. I found that when a business is able to identify their authentic identity, marketing their product or service becomes as natural as talking to a friend.  So let's chat - talk to me about your business like you'd talk to a friend, and we'll take it from there. 

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build a bespoke brand that speaks volumes.

Whether you're starting from scratch, perfecting  an existing brand, or want a total re-do  - I can help you to develop your brand into an identity that not only represents your business, but speaks to your target audience. 

 Branding should go beyond a simple logo to create a unique personality that can be felt whether you're speaking to your audience through a web page or an instagram post. Your brand is the microphone you talk through - so let's make your message loud and clear.  


Go  beyond logo design to create a curated aesthetic and  one-of-a-kind identity for your business. 



Your website should not only reflect your business style, but also attract (and convert) your ideal clientele.



Help your business's messaging stay  in line with your brand while improving reach and engagement. 


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EUNOIA - [yoo-noy-uh] Noun. 

what does eunoia mean? 

The word Eunoia  comes from the Greek word εὔνοια, meaning "a well mind" or "beautiful thinking."  This is the perfect word to encompass the goals and values of Eunoia Design Co. I believe that design works hand in hand with both mental wellness and personal identity. Design, in essence, is a form of beautiful thinking.  By creating environments and brands that outwardly express a client’s inner vision they are able to live more wholly in their truth bringing confidence and ease.


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