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Brand Identity Design

Sarah Borgen built her brand, Exploren Borgen, as a way to share her adventures and create educational content along the way. As a full time science teacher, she’s able to provide a friendly yet informative perspective. Based in Washington State, Sarah has been tackling the “100 Classic Hikes of Washington”, often accompanied by her adorable pup, Meatball. The Exploren Borgen brand was in need of a refresh that would make content creation a breeze and build an instantly recognizable image as Sarah continues to grow her social media following. 

Custom Illustrations

Canva setup & templates

Badge designs

Color Palette

The Exploren Borgen color palette was inspired by the natural yet vibrant colors of the bright landscapes in Washington state. Gleaning tones from the mosses of Olympic national park, the deep greens of the Rainier forest, and the rich teal waters found in alpine lakes – these colors break the norm of your standard nature-inspired palette.

Pine Green

Soft sage

River Crossing

Forest Glow

Field Note

Logo & Primary Header

Kicker / sub-heading

Body Copy


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